Eid ul Adha | Download Wishing website script free 2019

About that how to make Eid ul Adha | Download Wishing website script free 2019 a website script using website and how to implement in blogger in WordPress so stay and watch How can I do the script

Eid ul Adha | Download Wishing website script free 2019

Eid ul Adha is Islamic Eid in Islam it is very popular and every Muslim monetize ho to Uske bare mein baat Karne Wale Hain

I will give you here eid ul adha website script under you can download it from there and easily implement in your blogger and WordPress if you have any issue to implement this

If you face any issue to implement the template wishing website script is weather in blogger or wordpress then you can contact me I will help you you can comment on my website section

What is wishing website?

Wishing website basically technique to earn huge money in the short URL your term so you can easily earn at least $1,000 in one month or maybe you earn $50,000 in one months with the help of the script

Eid ul Adha | Download Wishing website script free 2019

There are two types of wishing website script long-term and short-term now here we are using the short-term and you need to some basics about short-term logging then you earn huge amount of dollars ?

Now I am telling you the basic steps of installation of your wishing website source code into blogger word press now I tell you in blogger


  • Go to your blogger.com
  • CLICK ON Themes
  • Then scroll ? down the page with mouse or keyboard ? down ? button ?
  • Now u find a Classic theme Option
  • Click on this
  • Then go to your Wishing Script /Eid ul Adha
  • Copy all script with the help of mouse(right click and select all Code)
  • If u are using keyboard then press these 2 button (ctrl+A)
  • Press them with same time ⌚
  • After copying go to classic theme
  • And paste this code here
  • If u using mouse (right click and then Choose Paste)
  • If using keyboard press (ctrl +V)
  • That’s it U done Ur Script

Now I tell you the method how to implement this search for scored in your blogger and now I will tell you how to implement him into WordPress

How to implement in WordPress.

  1. Go to your web hosting site
  2. Log in to C Panal
  3. Click on public html
  4. Click on index.php or other file which is in public html
  5. Delete this file.
  6. Now click on upload button and upload your source code website.
  7. Now click on save
  8. If u want to do any modification u can do it
  9. That’s it.

You done all work.

How to use Adscene.

Where you need approval AdSense account to earn huge money from AdSense if you do not have any approved AdSense account do you can contact me I will approve your account our maybe I will give your profile account

I have lots of approve AdSense accounts on FB on wishing website script eid-ul-azha and you can contact me I will give you these accounts

Contact me Support@asadnoultech.com

I hope u are enjoying this article if u have any questions or suggestions u can down comment.

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Download here your script

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